Metabolic disorders

Metabolic Disorders

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GlobalData's Metabolic Disorders module delivers data and analysis across a range of high-profile and niche indications. Given the rising worldwide prevalence of such common metabolic disorders as type 2 diabetes and obesity, opportunities for developing new treatments are increasing.

While the type 2 diabetes market includes a vast range of marketed therapies, its pipeline is rich in both novel and me-too drugs that stand to generate substantial sales revenue due to the prevalence of the disease and the need for improved glucose-control agents.

In contrast, the obesity market suffers from a scarcity of safe and effective pharmacological treatments. As a result, the drug treatment rate is negligible. This market has the potential to grow exponentially if pipeline drugs demonstrate favorable safety and efficacy.

GlobalData's therapy module includes coverage from prevalent diseases such as dyslipidemia to rare indications such as Fabry disease.

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