GlobalData's PharmaSphere series are a unique set of reports designed to instruct and inform on the operating environment within a specific segment of the healthcare industry.

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The series provides analysis on the key trends driving current and future strategic shifts within that segment.

Our PharmaSphere reports aim to capture key players within a designated segment, the principal strategies being employed by these key players, as well as the historical, current and future growth drivers and growth resistors altering the corporate landscape.

The reports include extensive analysis across a wide range of geographies and provide clients with expert insights on a region by region basis. Both the major developed markets as well as emerging markets are covered by our PharmaSphere report series, informing clients on the distinct regulatory and commercial factors driving regional disparities across the global healthcare industry.

Incorporating a range of topical insights dictating key trends and strategic decision making within a segment, the reports include insights on the regulatory landscape, pricing and reimbursement, externalization (e.g. M&A strategy), competitive landscape, market access, product portfolio management and intellectual property, among others.

The series provides in-depth insight into a range of niche segments that are of current and emerging strategic importance to the global healthcare industry, making them a unique proposition to clients operating across a variety of segments and services.

Why choose PharmaSphere reports?

The PharmaSphere report series aims to give you a unique perspective on the dynamics at play across a diverse array of healthcare sectors. The series is designed to engage with you and help to fulfill your intelligence requirements within strategically important regions, markets and sectors.

With an aim to support, challenge and educate you on areas that can facilitate your decision making process, the reports ultimately help to guide and grow your business. Furthermore, our analysts answer a range of questions to help you understand key strategic drivers and trends, as well as, finally, provide a resource for their independent due diligence and transactional strategy.

Who can PharmaSphere reports help?

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Generics manufacturers
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Healthcare IT companies
  • Technology transfer offices
  • Investment banks, venture capital and private equity firms
  • Management consultancies
  • Reimbursement experts
  • C-suite level management
  • Business development and licensing
  • Global competitive intelligence
  • Strategy and portfolio management

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