GlobalData’s flagship PharmaPoint report series provides in-depth analysis of current dynamics and future evolution of global drug markets.

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These reports give you the key information you need to make strategic decisions. Built up by therapy area experts, our reports allow you to get a full view of the marketplace, including current industry trends, pipeline products, clinical trial analysis, unmet need identification, therapy area corporate strategy and country level forecasts.

The superior value of PharmaPoint reports starts with a dive into disease management, by country, to identify key specific drivers and barriers to treatment. Exhaustive competitive landscape analysis and product profiling (SWOT analysis) contribute to set the brand dynamics.

The bigger value of the series comes from insights delivered into the identification of opportunities and unmet needs, in light of the assessment of company pipeline and capability. This breadth of insights feeds into the market outlook, which is underpinned by EpiCast epidemiology data. This, in turn, allows GlobalData to develop a complex yet transparent drug, patient and country-level forecast model that covers a period of ten years.

Why choose PharmaPoint?

Created with pharmaceutical decision-makers in mind, the reports incorporate all the features we know to be vital to the formulation of successful business strategies. Each report also leverages the depth of GlobalData’s proprietary database, and is enriched with intelligence gathered through primary research with some of the industry’s most highly informed key opinion leaders (KOLs) and high-prescribing non-KOL physicians. This ensures that our market forecasts are based on fact and, above all, valuable to clients.

In addition to focusing on long-established markets such as the US, EU5 and Japan, PharmaPoint reports also keep an eye on emerging and developing markets to assess the promises and difficulties of such markets. Our Excel-based drug forecast models support data presented in the reports, while the complete methodology is outlined in both the report and the model. Our models provide you with disease prevalence statistics, treatment rates, adoption rates, average selling prices, sales and more.

PharmaPoint reports allow you to make informed strategic decisions. Armed with the qualitative insight from our reports and quantitative data from our market models, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of new market opportunities in the global marketplace.

Which business functions can PharmaPoint benefit?

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market research
  • Forecasting
  • Post launch brand management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Portfolio assessment

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