GlobalData's PharmaLeaders research report series provides an all-in-one solution for pharmaceutical business intelligence.

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Our experienced analysts conduct proprietary benchmarking across a wide range of financial metrics, to arm you with the information you need to make strategic decisions.

Our PharmaLeaders research report include in-depth coverage of deal activity and their impact on corporate strategy, as well as extensive financial data and company benchmarking also delivered in excel format. Along with identifying key factors driving current and future trends in a designated sector, these reports provide insight into sector-specific strategies, including go-to-market strategies. Using a unique analytical approach combining both science and business, our PharmaLeaders research reports include:

  • In-depth company analysis framework, including top-line forecasts
  • Deep-dive financial analysis providing rationale behind company performance
  • SWOT analysis of key players
  • Cross-sectional analysis incorporating therapeutic and geographic positioning

Why choose Pharmaleaders reports?

The PharmaLeaders research report provides you with an independent reference point for due diligence and transaction strategy. With the report, you gain actionable insight to benchmark your performance against other companies in the sector, identify strengths that can be leveraged and/or areas of possible improvement, and analyze strategies being used to gain market share.

In addition, the report allows you to understand the underlying financial metrics that differentiate companies from the pack in terms of growth and profitability, spending, asset structure, and efficiency.

Who can PharmaLeaders reports help?

  • Emerging and established biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare IT companies
  • Technology transfer offices
  • Generics / biosimilars manufacturers
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Investment banks, venture capital and private equity firms
  • Management consultancies
  • C-suite level management
  • Business development and licensing
  • Global competitive intelligence
  • Strategy and portfolio management

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