GlobalData's PharmaFocus reports have been developed to deliver insight into current high-interest topics in disease therapy, including analysis of R&D and commercial strategies that are driving or may drive pharmaceutical development.

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These reports are designed to provide a deep dive into early clinical R&D issues that would be addressed superficially in detailed market research reports.

The topics covered by a PharmaFocus report may be limited to an evaluation of a particular slice of the market for a single disease, or can span multiple diseases within a therapeutic area, focusing on subjects such as commercial trends or innovations in drug discovery. Through this flexible report series, clients gain a unique, in-depth and insightful perspective of high-growth or high-demand research areas in the industry. As always, the ultimate focus is on the implications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Hot research areas in the industry

PharmaFocus reports are designed to provide a platform for focused assessments of hot topics in disease therapy. The in-depth discussion and analysis includes clinical, regulatory and commercial aspects of the topics.

Early-stage R&D

The PharmaFocus series discusses in detail early-stage R&D issues to provide the client with a sound understanding of the research that will form the basis of future pharmaceutical development.

Thought-leader insight

Primary research, in the form of key opinion leader (KOL) interviews, guides the unique development of each PharmaFocus report. These KOL opinions provide the client with a framework around which decisions regarding clinical development, strategic alliance and business development may be made.

Why choose PharmaFocus?

PharmaFocus provides timely information and analysis on cutting-edge topics affecting disease therapy and in-depth discussion of early-stage R&D pipelines.

What aspects of your business can PharmaFocus improve?

  • R&D
  • Competitive intelligence management
  • Strategic alliance management
  • Clinical project management
  • Business development
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Market access management

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