Research Reports

Research Reports

Our research reports contain the latest analysis and insights from the industry to provide you with full decision-making support across a number of areas.

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Each report can be purchased on a standalone basis or delivered with all other reports relevant to a particular therapy area, via a subscription to our online research platform, delivering a comprehensive, tailor-made intelligence package that satisfies all of your needs.

  • Our flagship PharmaPoint series provides in-depth analysis of the current dynamics and future evolution of global drug markets. Focusing on disease management, by country, to identify specific drivers and barriers to treatment, the reports feature competitive landscape analysis and product profiling, as well as unique insights into opportunities and unmet needs in company pipeline and capability.

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  • The OpportunityAnalyzer reports provide in-depth analysis of the pipeline and R&D strategies, including a comparative assessment of product candidates and discussion of trends in R&D. The reports include, among other areas, disease overview, epidemiology forecasts and current treatment options.

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  • The PharmaSphere series is a unique set of reports, which instructs and informs you on the operating environment within a specific segment of the healthcare industry. In addition, the reports provide you with analysis of the key trends driving current and future strategic shifts within that segment. As well as capturing key players, the reports focus on major developed markets as well as emerging markets.

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  • The PharmaLeaders series provides an all-in-one solution for pharmaceutical business intelligence. Features include in-depth coverage of deal activity and its impact on corporate strategy, along with insight into sector-specific strategies. With experienced analysts conducting proprietary benchmarking across a wide range of financial metrics, we arm you with the information you need to make strategic decisions.

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  • The PharmaFocus series of reports delivers insight into current high-interest topics in disease therapy, including analysis of R&D and commercial strategies, which are driving or may drive pharmaceutical development. Through this flexible report series, clients gain a unique, in-depth and insightful perspective on high-growth or high-demand research areas in the industry.

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  • The EpiCast series of premier epidemiology reports and models provides expert analysis of epidemiological trends, and forecasting of patient populations for major markets. Written and developed by Master’s and PhD-level epidemiologists, the reports assist in comprehensive strategic decision-making by providing market assessments, including market size and patient pool estimates.

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  • The CountryFocus report series provides in-depth analysis on healthcare systems on a country-by-country basis. Covering major developed healthcare markets such as the US and EU, as well as smaller, emerging markets such as Asia, South America and Africa, each report provides an overview of the market segments, analysis of the reimbursement and regulatory landscapes, and more.

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