Regulatory Milestones Tracker

Regulatory Milestones Tracker

Our Regulatory Milestones Tracker can be purchased as an additional premium module to add on to the Products database, as an enhanced solution implementing an integrated, tailor-made research platform.

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GlobalData’s Regulatory Milestones Tracker solution provides an interactive, comprehensive and analytical view of Product Exclusivity for marketed products with the highest revenues in the 7 Major Markets. In addition the Regulatory Milestones Tracker tracks important Regulatory designations such as Orphan Designation, several Accelerated Pathways, and PDUFA date. Our Regulatory intelligence is delivered via a user-friendly platform that provides flexible data output options while, for each indication content can be browsed by product, company, constraining patent and by product exclusivity or designation type.

The Regulatory Milestones Tracker includes expiry information for all marketed products with sales greater than $100m. The Exclusivity database is updated annually based on established sources such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) Orange Book and relevant Patent Registries. Regulatory designations are sourced from News and Regulatory sources.

Why choose the Regulatory Milestones Tracker?

The Regulatory Milestones Tracker allows you to access Regulatory Intelligence and Exclusivity information for high-revenue marketed pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, you can view integrated information from different databases as well as the ability to analyze patent information by other attributes of the product, including company, indication and geographical region. In addition, this module offers the following benefits:

  • Save time and effort, through accumulated Regulatory information from various sources and registries in a standardized comparable format.
  • Standardized information for patents filed in different jurisdictions and countries.
  • Gain access to a 24/7 ‘Ask an Analyst Support Service’ plus, research support and training.
  • Access data retrieval services at no additional cost.

Who can the Regulatory Milestones Tracker help?

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Generics manufacturers
  • Contract Manufacturing Organizations
  • API manufacturers
  • Investment banks, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms
  • Consultancies
  • Financial Advisors
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Strategic planning
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Affairs

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