Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools

The Analytics Database forms part of our Pipeline analysis offering, which can be purchased on a standalone basis or together with other modules or solutions across our full portfolio to create an integrated, tailor-made research platform.

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Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics is GlobalData’s comprehensive tool for analyzing the historical and forecast sales performance of the world’s leading and emerging pharmaceutical companies. Combining company-reported sales data with analyst consensus forecasts from leading financial institutions, Sales Analytics comprises six-year, bottom-up forecasts for over 125 companies, incorporating over 1,200 revenue streams and more than 250 pipeline therapeutics.

The Sales Analytics tool lets you view the entire dataset at once, to scan the overall industry by company and product, or, thanks to real-time mapping to GlobalData’s proprietary Product Database, perform segmentation analysis using a wide range of search criteria, some of which are outlined below. Results can be exported into excel for internal reference, additional analysis and due diligence.

NPV Valuation Model

the NPV Valuation Model is a fully-interactive pharmaceutical forecasting and valuation tool. Driven by analyst consensus forecasts, this tool enables users to analyze and customize valuations for over 1,200 pharmaceutical assets. the NPV Valuation Model combines a fully-interactive forecasting model and proprietary patent expiration model, with adjustable operating cost and net profit projections, in order to derive future cash flows for a chosen pharmaceutical asset. A discounted cash flow model, using the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), calculates the NPV (net present value) for that asset, which is benchmarked against overall company valuations, providing an NPV per share for that asset (for public companies).

the NPV Valuation Model also provides a benchmark for comparable pharmaceutical assets earlier on in the development lifecycle, and can help guide proposals around those assets, as well as support a wide range of other commercial and corporate decisions.

Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics is a new financial benchmarking tool from GlobalData, allowing financial analysis across over 2,000 public companies operating within the pharmaceutical and associated sectors on approximately 150 different financial line items and metrics.

Financial Analytics can be used to determine the financial health and performance across a completely customizable set of companies, as well as track historical industry averages across a wide range of different metrics and line items. Searches can be based on therapy area and indication, as well as company HQ, sector, peer group, and financial filters such as market cap and revenue range.

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