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We provide research solutions covering the full breadth of the pharmaceuticals industry, from clinical trials and epidemiology intelligence, to focused modules available across 14 key therapy areas. Each component of our research can be purchased on a standalone basis or together with others to create a comprehensive, tailor-made research solution that satisfies all of your needs.

Our unique databases, quality expert analysis and powerful workflow tools are brought to you on an online subscription platform to provide decision-making support for pharmaceuticals professionals.

  • Therapy Analysis

    Detailed modules, covering 14 therapy areas and combining data, analysis and tools, can be bought individually or as part of a more comprehensive intelligence package.

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  • Clinical Trials Database

    Clinical Trials

    Our Clinical Trials Database provides accurate, detailed and timely intelligence on global clinical trials activity in several therapy areas and indications.

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  • Investigators

    Our Investigators Database contains an exhaustive collection of investigators involved with clinical trials across a wide range of therapy areas and indications.

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  • Pipeline Products

    Pipeline Products

    Our Pipeline platform provides product intelligence across a wide range of therapy areas and indications through integrated pipeline and marketed products databases.

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  • Regulatory Milestones Tracker


    Our Regulatory Milestones Tracker provides Regulatory Intelligence in the 7 Major Markets for pharmaceutical products and Product Exclusivity information on the highest revenue products in those markets to inform the strategic decisions of pharmaceuticals professionals.

    Find out more about our Regulatory Milestones Tracker

  • Epidemiology and Market Size

    Market Size

    Covering over 120 indications in 17 therapy areas across key markets, our Epidemiology and Market Size Database provides market size and patient pool estimates, along with prevalence and incidence data, to assist in strategic decision-making.

    Find out more about our Epidemiology and Market Size database

  • Analytics

    Analytics tools are an important component of our proprietary Pharma eTrack platform, and can be purchased on a standalone basis or together with our other intelligence solutions across our portfolio, in order to create an integrated, tailor-made research platform.

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  • Deals


    With an extensive database of 45,000 companies from across the global pharmaceutical industry and associated segments, as well as a deals database made up of 40,000 individual deals, our Deals Insight platform helps to drive your decision making.

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  • News


    Our news database is made up of approximately 200,000 articles, which date back to 1998. With more than 50 news stories added daily on a real-team basis, the database provides a vital resource for you to stay informed of the latest developments in the industry.

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  • Reports


    Subscribe to one of our seven research reports and access in-depth analysis of a range of industry markets, including the global drug markets, high-interest topics in disease therapy, epidemiological trends, and healthcare systems on a country-by-country basis.

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