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Our medical device intelligence covers 16 key therapy areas and is available through comprehensive device modules to offer clients complete flexibility of choice.

Each component of our research can be purchased on a standalone basis or in unison with others to create a comprehensive, tailor-made research solution that satisfies all of your needs. Our unique databases, quality expert analysis and powerful workflow tools are brought to you on an online subscription platform to provide decision-making support for medical professionals.

Our MedScout Trackers provide actionable intelligence by providing easy access to quarterly or monthly market data when you need it most. Through quarterly and monthly surveys of healthcare facilities around the globe, MedScout Trackers give you access to all the data points you need to monitor the competition.

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Device Analysis is the most comprehensive competitive intelligence tool built specifically for the medical device industry. Covering 16 fields from cardiovascular and general surgery to hospital supplies and drug delivery, it provides access to market metrics, qualitative reports, pipeline product and clinical trial databases, news, deals and more.

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The MediPoint report series provides strategic insight on market trends and barriers in global medical device markets. Through extensive primary research, which consists of hundreds of interviews with key opinion leaders and industry experts, our MediPoint reports give you the information you need to make strategic decisions.

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The MediFocus report series provides the latest developments on currently marketed and pipeline products in global medical device markets. With input from experienced physicians and key opinion leaders, MediFocus gives you expert insight into which devices are preferred, which pipeline products are most promising and what the future adoption of these devices in the clinical setting might be.

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