GlobalData’s healthcare consulting practice looks ahead while working with you to tailor and prioritize your portfolio planning.

Conducting successful product launches and honing the best optimization strategies for your brand are the first steps to a profitable franchise. The fast-moving nature of the healthcare business dictates that the protection of that franchise must follow these initial steps.

GlobalData’s network of consultants can identify your competitive weaknesses, strategically misaligned products, and prospective partnerships. This allows them to assess your franchise’s potential to remain strong or to realize ways of becoming stronger in its market.

Key questions:

  • How vulnerable is my business compared to the competition?
  • Where are the gaps/opportunities in my portfolio?
  • Are there products in my pipeline that are no longer a strategic fit?
  • Are there any partnerships that could complement my portfolio?
  • How are our products perceived by our stakeholders?

Rationalization Due Diligence
Therapeutic prioritization Divestiture
Gap identification Profitability and ROI analysis
Opportunity assessment Mergers and acquisitions
Divestiture candidates Co-development and marketing partnerships
Franchise Protection

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