GlobalData takes pride in not only assisting with bringing new compounds to market but also in the commercial development of brands that are already in the marketplace for maximum growth and penetration.

Our brand planning services include forecasting solutions, best practices analysis, perception testing, and lifecycle management strategies.

Is the product message reverberating in the marketplace the one you desire? If not, should your sales force evolve? How will you maintain market share in the face of a patent cliff? Would it be prudent to expand into different geographies? If so, when? And where? Our goal is to optimize your brand in its market while looking for opportunities for maintenance and expansion.

Key questions:

  • How does my sales force compare with my competitors?
  • How should my product message evolve?
  • How should I approach new geographies with limited resources?
  • What opportunities exist for additional indications or formulations?
  • How do I maintain market share in the face of patent expiration?
  • How does my marketing coverage compare with my competitors?

Sales Competition Lifecycle
Strategy Competitive landscape Additional indications
Operational planning Product analysis Market expansion
Benchmarking vs market Company profiling Patent life strategy
Brand Optimization

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