Our Solutions

GlobalData provides world-class healthcare research and consulting that delivers actionable insight and industry perspective on the critical decisions you have to make.

Our extensive network of analysts and stakeholders, located in key regions across the globe, allows for real-time analysis and comprehensive research on a macro and micro level. Access our insights through:

  • Integrated online research platforms, comprising databases, analysis, news, M&A, deals and workflow tools
  • High-quality pharmaceutical and medical devices research reports
  • Bespoke healthcare consulting solutions led by experienced industry professionals

Discover how our research can offer you the expert insights and informed market forecasts you need to understand your industry and target markets.

Find out more about how our analysis can provide actionable insights for key decisions throughout your organization.

See the difference our workflow tools can make to your business and how we can save you time and money.


Find out about our medical device modules, intelligence tools and reports.


Find out about our key therapy area modules, clinical databases and reports.

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