Our growing reputation as a provider of unmatched healthcare research, analytics and consulting has attracted the business of some of the world’s leading corporations, who we have helped with expanding services in emerging markets, launching products overseas and assessing the activities of key competitors.

Expert healthcare analysts

Based in key locations worldwide, our healthcare analyst team is made up of PhD-level experts and industry-experienced professionals, who provide the actionable insight needed to improve decision-making across the value chain.

94% of our healthcare analysts hold a Master's degree, while a further 40% have PhDs. In addition, our senior analysts have at least seven years of experience within their specialist fields, so you can be sure you are working with the best in the industry.

Our analysts' professional backgrounds include major corporations such as Ernst & Young, Decision Resources, Citeline and Datamonitor.

Actionable insight for the healthcare industry

Our research combines the industry experience of our professional healthcare analyst teams with the perspectives of respected thought leaders and KOLs, resulting in valuable research solutions that integrate watertight data with unique industry insight.

We monitor thousands of reputable sources, with multiple data checks for validation, to insure the data is not only the most expansive on the market, but also of the highest quality.

Our track record in helping some of the world's leading pharmaceutical and medical device businesses succeed, is driven by our teams' industry expertise and superior market intelligence capabilities. You can be sure GlobalData will provide you with the most valuable pharmaceutical and medical device intelligence solutions available on the market.

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